Basketball Posts

Basketball Posts

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  • FIBA Regulation size Fixed Height Posts made of 8" Pipe Umbrella System with double support at bottom with umbrella type 3.20 m extension.
  • Non reflective Backboard made of Acrylic Fibre glass size 1800 x 1050 mm x 20 mm. Solid steel rings 20 mm thick, with diameter of 459 mm at height 3.050 m from Ground. Hour glass white net of 12 loops, 21” length.
  • The vertical padding is of height 2150 mm from the floor and thickness of 100 mm & horizontal padding is of length of 1200 mm along the arm, with thickness of 25 mm.
  • The ultimate unit for National and International basketball competitions. For Backyard court, school or church with a dedicated basketball court for fun up to highly competitive play.