Bounce Back- Return Weighted Hurdles

Bounce Back- Return Weighted Hurdles

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  • Perfect training hurdle for quick knee lift and stepping.
  • Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps.
  • Use with forward and lateral drills.  
  • Constructed with durable heavy duty PVC tubing.  Very light in weight, 65 cm wide.
  • Available in different sizes:  20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm & 60 cm
  • Bounce back Hurdles are perfect for high knee power and plyometric training drills. Challenge the taller or more advanced athletes with stride technique drills forcing a high knee power recovery. This is also excellent for the plyometric jumping drills for the more powerful athlete. These are an excellent addition to any training kit.